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Are you looking to start going green? You've come to the right spot!

There are two ways to approach this. One is to understanding the source of the problems so you can make informed decisions about how to go green. The second is to skip the detail and simply work from a list of things to do.

We recommend the first approach, but for people who are busy or don`t want to invest time to understand the background, we`ve got tools to help you too.

Going Green Guide

Going green is a complex subject to understand, but at Carbon Diet, we're dedicated to making it easy to understand! We specialize in green education, to teach you how you can make green living a part of who you are. See our 6 Steps to Go Green.

Going Green Tips

Refer to our powerful list of Going Green Tips to see what you can do to go green. This is a prioritized list of tips so you understand what changes will make the most impact.

Going Green Workshops

Attend one of our going green workshops at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario. Or contact us to arrange for a workshop in your business or community.