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We believe this is the best going green tips resource on the Internet. This library contains a prioritized list of solutions for going green. Often there are tips in the media about going green, but without an overall context,Green Tip Priorities it is difficult to know what changes will have the most impact. This Carbon Diet Priorities chart illustrates what makes up our typical pollution (measured as a Carbon Footprint), showing that the highest priorities for change are the transportation area.

But what makes our Best Going Green Tips Library even more meaningful is that we have also provided information for you to better understand the impact of these changes. These items are not only sorted by the environmental impact, but you will also see indicators for the type of lifestyle change, if the change will improve your health, and the overall financial impact of making the change to show you where you can save money. These are described below in more detail.

Chart Legend

Green Tips for Lifestyle Change

One-Time - This simply means if you make the change once, you are done. No further action required.

Habit - This is where you will have to regularly remind yourself to make this change in habit.

Green Tips for Health

- This symbol represents that you will experience an improvement in your health from this change. You may decide these going green tips are a higher priorities for you.

Green Tips to Save Money

$ - This represents an overall improvement in your finances. Due to a variety of circumstances, this is a general statement and in some cases requires up-front costs. For example, replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) will require an initial purchase but in the long term this will save money in electricity and replacement costs.

$ - This represents an increased cost for making the change. Although some ideas outlined here could cost more, they will reduce your impact on the environment and climate change.

Enjoy and have fun with the best going green tips on the Internet!

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