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Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start going green. At Carbon Diet, we're talking with green people and green businesses in our community (Brooklin, Ontario) about what they've done to go green. Read our inspiring articles published in the Brooklin Town Crier newspaper. You can also read some of the best going green tips on the web to reduce your carbon footprint.

Green home with geothermal and solarGreen Home with Geothermal and Solar

The Zabudsky family has renovated thier home to have no environmental impacts. Their home is heated and cooled with geothermal, including hot water for the house and pool. With a 10 kW solar array, they're offsetting thier electrical use with the clean energy they sell to the electricity grid.

Solar panels installedSolar Rooftop Success Story

Our roof is now covered with 20 solar panels to soak up the sunshine and make clean and green electricity. This is the start of a new trend in Ontario since the introduction of the micorFIT program which pays a premium for electricity generated from solar rooftops.

Mike with Toyota PriusMost Fuel Efficient Car - Toyota Prius

Mike Clarke drives the most fuel efficient car on the road, and it's a cool machine. See what Mike thinks about his new 2010 Toyota Prius and why it's become such a popular car. Also see the dashboard screens that make this an excellent car to help you reduce your fuel costs.

Quigleys with Honda Civic hybridHonda Civic Hybrid Car

Jessica Ramani and Todd Quigley choose a Honda Civic Hybrid car - the most fuel efficient compact car of 2010. Jessica feels they didn't have to sacrifice any features like size or comfort to get a hybrid car. In fact, they notice it's much quieter than other vehicles.

Mammones use geothermal heatingGeothermal Heating and Cooling

Sandra and Sal Mammone discovered the most energy efficient home heating and cooling is also very comfortable. Read about their geothermal heating and cooling system, that not only heats their home, but helps their water heater be 50% more energy efficient too.

Wilsons on demand water heaterOn Demand Water Heater

Fiona and Andy Wilson had an energy audit to qualify for grants to install an on demand water heater. The energy audit revealed some air leaks in their some, so this green success story shows how they improved their home heating efficiency. They're also very happy with their whole-home on demand water heater.

Hacheys solar water heaterSolar Water Heater

Dave Hachey and family are featured in the Brooklin Town Crier for going green. They are one of the first green success stories in our series of interviews with green people in our community. They chose to have a solar water heater installed to help do their part for the environment.

solar water heating installerSolar Water Heating Installer

Peter Watson from Tranquility Home Comfort is a featured green business in the Brooklin Town Crier. Tranqulity has seen a growing demand for solar water heating systems over the past five years. This is an inspiring green success story that illustrates the start of the green economy.

Lori on green cleaningGreen Cleaning Success

Lori Williams has discovered that green cleaning is not only good for the environment, but a healthier choice too.

green cleaning serviceGreen Cleaning Service

Diane Howson from We're Cleaning Green runs a successful green business in Brooklin, Ontario. They tested many cleaners before choosing Natura green cleaning products from Home Hardware.

Green People - John Hulley

John Hulley has won the Evylin Stroud Lifetime Achievement award from the Durham Environmental Advisory Committee. See his environmental contributions in our community.

Durham Eco-HouseDurham Eco-House

A not-for-profit company renovating an existing home for a green demonstration home. This display home that will be inspring many people.

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