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Scott Bennett is an expert in environmental sustainability and green living. Why? Because heÕs done it - from the ground up. Before 2006, Scott didnÕt think much about the environment other than recycling and reducing waste. In fact, his dream vehicle was a shiny yellow truck with dark tinted windows. ThatÕs all changed now.

On a summer vacation in 2006, Scott took with him a book from the best sellers list called The Weather Makers, by Tim Flannery. It was a book he picked up on a whim, but a book that has forever changed the way he looks at the world. Scott began his journey to live a green lifestyle and to green his career.

Scott is a Certified Toastmaster, which is a designation from Toastmasters International that demonstrates Scott is a proficient speaker. Whether itÕs a small group or large audience, Scott delivers an engaging message to his listeners.

Scott Bennett speaking at Retail Council of Canada event

Living a green lifestyle is something that evolves over time, and Scott is at the point where he and his family have reduced many of their impacts on the environment. The Bennett home went through an energy audit, subsequent improvements, and has solar panels on the roof which generate electricity. The family eats more local food and growing some vegetables at home. ScottÕs family also uses green cleaners and personal care products.

Scott has contributed to the Greening Greater Toronto report on Paper Procurement and was a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Energy and Environment Committee.

If youÕre looking for a professional speaker with in-depth knowledge about environmental sustainability and green living youÕve come to the right spot. Please see our speaking topics for common presentations, though custom presentations can be created as well.

"He is clear, concise, to the point and brilliant answering questions and clarifying things. I enjoy working with him, and highly recommend him." - Judy McIntyre, Manager, McIntyre & Associates

"Your talk was very informative and your passion for the environment was inspiring." - Diane

"Very valuable. Shows importance of going green." - Jim Carrigan

"This is a story that needs to be told again and again."

"The awareness of the carbon footprint allows me to consider alternatives."