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There are a number of considerations to look at when selecting solar panels. Usually people are looking to get the most for their money. From a cost perspective, a good way to compare solar panels is the cost per kWh - but there's more to it than that.

Another consideration is the solar panel efficiency. There are a large number of solar panels to choose from. Some are more efficient than others in converting solar energy into electricity. For example, if you compare a 225w solar panel from Company A, with a 12% efficiency rating, and Company B with a 18% efficiency rating, you will generate more power from Company B.

Also look at the track record and quality of the solar panels. It requires a great deal of precision to make solar panels, so you could get a great deal, but the solar panels may end up malfunctioning over time - you get what you pay for.

solar panels installed on roof solar panels installed on roof

For our solar panels, we chose premium 225W SunPower solar panels with a 25 year warranty. They produce energy from a broader spectrum of light than most other solar panels. This means that even on a rainy day, our solar panels will generate some electricity.

You can see our solar panels in action on our solar panel installation page.