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Are you embarrassed about our international reputation for not addressing climate change? Are we not known as the "good Canadians" who the world envies?

Show the world you care and join this group. Our goal is to have 4 million members before the Olympics opening ceremony, that's 30% of Canadian Facebook users!

The Canadians Fighting Climate Change Facebook group is not an environmental or political group - it is simply Canadians showing they care about addressing climate change - tell the world!

Pass along this group to spread the word!

Background About Canadians Fighting Climate Change

December 21, 2009 - The climate change talks in Copenhagen have just ended and unfortunately the result is a huge embarrassment for Canadians. The world is looking at us as the WORST country for action on climate change. Polls show that climate change is important to Canadians - we are concerned and taking action. Scott Bennett believes this is a political issue, and is not reflective of what Canadians want, so he created this Facebook group to demonstrate that. This is a campaign for all Canadians who care about climate change. Join the Canadians Fighting Climate Change group to show that Canadians care.

Here are some news articles detailing our newly tarnished international reputation:

Canadians Fighting Climate Change on Facebook