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You may have noticed the word Green is appearing in many different places. From magazines, to TV series, green living has become a widely covered subject in the media. Even automotive companies are using green symbols beside their vehicle mileage ratings in printed ads. This may lead you to ask if green living is a trend or is it here to stay – well, the answer is the latter.

Green Success Stories

What better way to understand green living than to look at what other people are doing. At Carbon Diet, we’re talking with people in our community (Brooklin, Ontario) about what they are doing to go green. See how people are going green in our articles published in the Brooklin Town Crier newspaper:

Green Living Means Using Renewable Energy

Whether it’s heating your home or powering your fridge, our homes require a great deal of energy. People that have embraced green living are using renewable energy for part of all of their energy needs. The simplest way to heat a room is to sunlight that naturally enters through the windows, referred to as Passive Solar heating. Heating a building can also avoid fossil fuels by using geothermal heating where heat is extracted from the ground at 8-10 feet below ground. Solar panels and wind turbines are excellent ways to generate electricity without using fossil fuels. To learn more about options for green living, see the going green tips resource.

Green Living Means Using Fuel Efficient Cars

The future of the car is going to be electric cars. For the average person, the greatest amount of carbon dioxide is produced from transportation. This means getting out of a gas guzzling SUV and into the most fuel efficient cars. While the most fuel efficient car for a number of years has been the Toyota Prius, a full hybrid, the future of the car this century will undoubtedly be electric cars. While changing your vehicle may be a large step for green living, there are several things you can do to increase your fuel efficiency today. See the green tips for transportation to learn more about green living.

Green Living Means Using Less

Use less, use less of what? Everything.

Over the past 50 year, we have become consumers. The majority of our population has transitioned from living self-sustaining lives in rural communities to consumer dependant lives in cities. Our garbage has increased significantly regardless of recycling programs that collect some of the waste. All of this garbage takes energy to dispose of, not to mention the resources and energy involved in manufacturing the products in the first place. See the going green tips resource to understand what you can do.

Green Living Means Valuing Local Food and Products

Transportation of products has evolved as a business practice of large companies to centralize warehouses and reduce their costs. By choosing food or products that are produced locally, you are not only supporting your local economy, but also reducing pollution from transportation. Read more about how choosing your food can help you live green.

The reason green living has become popular is because we are awakening to the fact that we need to live in a way that supports sustainability. We now understand that our use of fossil fuels is causing global warming and we need to do something. It doesn’t mean we need to live like those in the 1800’s, but we are transforming our way of life to reduce waste and make efficient use of energy.

So there you have it. Green living is not just a trend, it’s here to stay and growing by the day. If you’re just beginning your journey of green living and want to know how to go green, you’ve come to the right place. At Carbon Diet, we’re dedicated to teaching people about going green.