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organic coffeeHave you tried to find an organic coffee or fair trade coffee, but discovered it is a lot more expensive than regular coffee? It has been a typical problem until now.

Organic food is the fastest growing segment in the food industry. More and more people are looking to purchase quality, healthy food. Organic food often tastes better and it also ensures there are no harmful pesticides used or artificial fertilizers that are made from fossil fuels. It is a better choice for your health and also better for the environment. organic certificationBecause organic farmers typically have a higher quality product and lower yield, their produce is often more expensive.

We were so impressed when we discovered Nativa Organic coffee, we had to start spreading the word. Nativa Organics is a Shoppers Drug Mart brand name that includes several hundred products. The organic coffee is priced at $4.99 which is less expensive than non-organic coffee such as Nabob. The organic certification is from one of the oldest international certification organizations, Organic Crop Improvement Association or OCIA.

fair trade certifiedNot only are you getting organic coffee, itís also fair trade coffee. The reason fair trade coffee is growing in demand is that the public is becoming more aware of our social responsibility when purchasing products. Traditionally the coffee middle man gets a large portion of the profit giving the farmer only about 10% of the retail price. However, with Fair Trade, the farmer receives more that 25% of the retail price which helps address poverty and working conditions. Fair trade principles not only prevent the farmers from being exploited, they also support environmentally sound and sustainability practices. This coffee is Fair Trade Certified.

The Nativa Organic Coffee tastes great and you can feel better knowing it is organic and fair trade. Nativa Organics are only available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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