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Green cleaning products are becoming more popular as people start to understand that we are impacting the environment. When cleaners go down the drain, they are treated at a wastewater treatment plant which ultimately can't remove all the chemicals before releasing the treated water into lakes and streams. Green cleaning products that are biodegradable will not cause harm to nature.

Another reason green cleaning products are becoming more popular is we are starting to understand that the chemicals used in cleaners can trigger health problems such as Asthma. In the case of bathroom cleaners, residue from cleaners with ammonia or glycol ethers can dissolve in shower steam causing harmful vapours.

There are two ways to start using green cleaners. You can make homemade green cleaners or you can purchase ready-made cleaners. Home Hardware has been making Natura green cleaning products since 2004, which are fully biodegradable in 28 days. My wife tested out the Natura heavy duty cleaner to see how it worked, and she was impressed. It cleaned well and didn't leave a harsh smell like some conventional cleaners. It's a great product. But don't take my word for it - Diane Howson from Brooklin, Ontario has build her green cleaning service business, We're Cleaning Green, using Natura cleaners. She converted her conventional cleaning business to use green cleaning products to meet the demand of people looking to go green.

Natura Green Cleaning ProductsI did some more homework and talked with Nancy Dingman, the Business Manager of Specialty Products for Home Hardware Stores Limited. Nancy explained that they go beyond just producing green cleaning products, in that they are reducing their impact on the environment. "We use bottles made from PET and HDPE which are both recyclable in blue box programs" says Nancy, and "all of our waste water generated in the production of the cleaning products is collected and treated and used in future batches." In addition, all products are shipped on pallets that are reused and returned to the plant to reduce waste.

There are a variety of Natura green cleaning products for different parts of your home, including a window cleaner, wood/laminate floor cleaner, furniture polish, and even laundry soap for high efficiency washers (see the full list below). Visit your local Home Hardware store to purchase these cleaners.

Natura Green Cleaning Products

  • Natura Dish Detergent
  • Natura Glass Cleaner
  • Natura Laundry Detergent
  • Natura Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Natura Bathroom Cleaner
  • Natura Cabinet Cleaner
  • Natura Concentrated Cleaner
  • Natura Bio Tile & Grout Cleaner
  • Natura Tea Tree Cleaner
  • Natura Laminate & Hardwood Cleaner
  • Natura Drain/Septic Tank Maintainer