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Green business is all about reducing the impact on the environment. Sustainability is quickly becoming a buzz word in the business world. With more and more companies recognizing their impact on the environment and climate change, Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR) is evolving into a business practice. To illustrate this point, look at the websites of any large Canadian bank, and you will see statements outlining their environmental practices and actions to reduce their impact on climate change. Banks are involved with businesses across industries in our country, so they have a greater insight into issues about the environment than many other businesses do. They recognize their business practices can have a meaningful impact on the environment and climate change.

In 2007, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives issued a news release titled "Canada's business leaders call for aggressive action to tackle climate change, drive energy innovation and strengthen economic performance". This is a group of CEOs are from some of Canada’s largest and most influential companies that are leaders in green business. Here is a sample of a few with links to their environment or sustainability information:

This clearly illustrates that Canadian businesses are taking action to address climate change. The next question is, what are you doing toward having a green business? Here are some resources to get started:

Green Business Example

See what Tranquility Home Comfort has done to embrace the new green economy. They have changed their traditional heating and cooling business to include services as a solar water heating installer.