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How much solar power can I generate?

This is a common question with a complicated answer. That's why we think it's best to let the results speak for themselves. This page gives you examples of solar power generation sites in various areas so you can see what real people are experiencing with thier solar power generation.

annual solar power example from Brooklin, OntarioAnnual solar power production from our 4.5 kW solar array near Toronto

For more information on a number of factors that affect solar power generation including the direction of your roof, shading, equipment, etc., see solar panel efficiency.

One of the best ways to understand solar power is to see what someone is generating in your area. The following are a list of solar power examples, including details of the solar array and installer.

Alberta Solar Installations

British Columbia Solar Installations

Ontario Solar Installations

Add Your Web Monitoring Results

If your solar power installations have web monitoring, you can add them to our list by completing our Solar Installation Submission Form.